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Our goal at Bruce Trail Public School is to help students become well-mannered, sensitive to the needs of others, self-disciplined and responsible.  We hope each student will take pride in his/her school, achieve personal goals and be an active, positive participant in the learning process.

Children pass through many stages of social and emotional growth.  It is the responsibility of the staff, students and parents to work together to achieve positive growth in  interpersonal and academic skills.

At Bruce Trail Public School, we emphasize the co-operative role of peers, staff and parents in guiding the individual student through childhood and adolescence. This can be achieved through the discipline of routines and by meeting school  expectations.  Students learn to respect each other's rights, as well as the responsibilities that go with  being part of a  “learning community.”

The Bruce Trail Public School Community believes that:

School administration and staff, in partnership with students, family, School Council and community, are responsible for ensuring a positive teaching and learning environment for all members of the Bruce Trail Public School community.  The school promotes responsibility, respect, good manners, academic excellence and accountability for one's actions.

The Bruce Trail Student Code of Conduct applies to all students, staff and parents, whether on school property, school buses, or while attending other venues or events involving members of the Bruce Trail Public School community.

Students should be held to the highest standard of respectful and responsible behaviour, as reflected and valued by the Bruce Trail Public School community, and according to the Safe Schools Act, 2000, and the Halton District School Board Student Code of Conduct (Policy 5000-10A).

RIGHTS of the Student:

To be respected in both person and beliefs;

To learn in a safe and secure environment;

To participate in all appropriate school programs, provided that the student consistently demonstrates an appropriate level of responsibility and respect for adults charged with supervision.


To come to school regularly, on time and prepared to participate fully in their own learning;

To respect themselves by choosing a positive attitude toward participation in the life of Bruce Trail Public School, by demonstrating good manners at all times, and by meeting expectations of appropriate language, behaviour and dress code as set out in the Student Code of Conduct;

To complete assigned work on time and to the best of his/her ability; to seek assistance when necessary;

To effectively use the agenda to support learning by bringing it to each class and home every evening, and record all assignments and due dates;

To reflect good citizenship though respecting the person, safety, property and rights of all other members of the school community;

To demonstrate respect for all staff and adult volunteers through cooperation and compliance;

To assume responsibility for his/her own behaviour, and accept consequences when necessary;

To refrain from bringing anything to school that may compromise the school environment for others.


Consequences outlined in the Halton District School Board Student Code of Conduct will apply for students 12 years and older.  The extent and duration of consequences are dependent on the developmental abilities of the student(s) involved, as well the frequency and severity of the behaviour, and its impact on others.  Parents will be informed and involved in any process that is necessitated by persistent or significant negative behaviour.  

Consequences may involve:

Counseling the student, Collaborative Problem Solving, Notifying Parents, Withdrawal of privileges, Detention, Restitution, Police Involvement, Community service, Conduct Notice, Suspension, Expulsion,C.A.S. Involvement

RESPONSIBILITIES of Parent(s) and/or Guardian(s):

To work with administration, School Council, teachers and the student to enable him/her to achieve his/her potential;

To become familiar with the Student Code of Conduct, school rules and routines, and to support the School by (a) encouraging and assisting students to follow the Code of Conduct, and (b) supporting consequences when necessary;

To ensure that students arrive at school daily and on time, or to provide notice to the school when the student will be late or absent;

To ensure that the student arrives at school well rested, nourished, dressed according to the School Dress Code;

To ensure the student is prepared to participate fully in learning by (a) ensuring that assigned work is completed when due, (b) checking the student's agenda on a regular basis, (c) ensuring that the student has an adequate lunch; (d) supervising homework and signing the student agenda;

To maintain a positive partnership with the school through regular communication by (a) regular review of the student agenda, (b) reading monthly school newsletters and other communications, (c) attending interviews as requested, (d) supporting school staff in developing student responsibility.

RESPONSIBILITIES of Bruce Trail Staff:

To work with administration, School Council, parents/guardians and students to enable all students to achieve their potential;

To consistently demonstrate care and commitment to academic excellence;

To provide a safe and respectful teaching and learning environment;

To model and maintain consistent standards of behaviour and dress for all students, and to hold students accountable for their learning and behaviour;

To communicate regularly and meaningfully with parents.


Good manners, good taste and modesty are always in style!  Bruce Trail students are expected to dress in an appropriate manner.  All students taking Physical Education are  required to wear suitable athletic clothing, as indicated by their teacher.  For safety, running shoes that do not mark the gym floor must be worn.  Clothing which promotes alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, discrimination or hatred is prohibited. Shirts with inappropriate language or which contain other offensive images or messages are also not acceptable.  Bare feet, bare midriffs, short shorts, cutoff shorts, beach wear (muscle shirts, strapless tops) and underwear showing are inappropriate.  For junior/intermediate students, tank tops must have a “two-finger” width strap and shorts/skirts must fall to the tips of fingers when arms are extended to the side.  Coats, hats, bandannas, unless with special permission, are not to be worn in the school.  During the winter or rainy weather, boots should be worn.  It is healthier and safer for children to be provided with inexpensive alternate footwear to be worn for in-school time.

Students who do not demonstrate the ability to understand our dress code will be asked to change for the day (e.g., gym clothes).  Persistent infractions of the dress code may result in other consequences as well.


The Halton District School Board believes that to promote a healthy learning environment, it must encourage respect for individual differences and be free of discrimination and harassment.  Discrimination and harassment are illegal and the law is concerned with the IMPACT of the behaviour not the INTENT of  the behaviour.  Discrimination and harassment means unfair, hurtful treatment of people based on:   race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, family status, creed, sex, sexual orientation or disability.  It may be:

written, verbal, and/or via the computer (name calling, taunts, threats)

offensive comments (jokes, pictures, obscene gestures)

any unwelcome (or ought to be known to be unwelcome) sexual advance intimidation, physical violence, vandalism, hate literature

unwanted (or ought to be known to be unwanted) touching, flirtation, threat of sexual assault

unwanted remarks about appearance, clothing, personal life threats involving the disclosure of a person’s sexual orientation without their permission

unwanted (or ought to be known to be unwanted) communication, letters, visits, phone calls, e-mail

What can you do?  Do not stay silent.  Do not ignore it. Get Help.  Speak to an adult in your school.  The school administrator will conduct an investigation.

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