Forgotten Items

Forgotten Items Procedure

Teaching students to come to school prepared is an important life skill for their development. Please help us reduce the interruptions in the classroom by supporting your child by helping them to prepare for the school day.

Occasionally, throughout the year you might need to drop something off that your child needs or forgot to pack (lunch, school work, extra mittens, etc…) If you are dropping something off for your child, there is a drop off table outside the library doors in the main foyer for you to put the item on. Write on the provided label: full name of student, grade and class code (there will be a list of class codes to refer to at the table).

If your child does not come down to pick up the item at the next break, we have student volunteers who deliver the items.

**We will do our best to assist in the transfer of the forgotten items, however we cannot guarantee that all items will be delivered. We may have to prioritize other items in a day, and because of this, it is always best to encourage students to come to school prepared.