Parking/ no-stop zones

Drop off and Pick Up

Bruce Trail is a "walk-to" school and we encourage all families to walk, bike, skate or scoot to school. Walking to school is a great form of physical exercise and reduces our carbon impact which benefits the environment.

This year, the Town of Milton has added 2 additional crossing guards to help BT students arrive safely to school. The guards will be positioned at the corner of Costigan Rd. and Miller Way, and Costigan Rd. and Denyes Way. If you are crossing the streets, please walk to one of the crossing guards and cross with them.

Parking and No Parking Zones

If you are driving to drop off or pick up your child, you have a few parking options:

  • The Bruce Trail parking lots have just enough parking spots for the staff and a few visitors.
  • The East parking lot (by the portables) is gated off by 8:45am and is for staff only.
  • The West parking lot (by MCRC preschool) has a lane for parents to drop off their child. This drop off area is unsupervised by Bruce Trail staff and is meant to be used as a kiss and ride, therefore you can not leave your car unattended.
  • If you want to walk your child to the yard, you need to find a legal parking space to park your car. People can find some parking on: Costigan Rd , Denyes Way, Laurier Ave., Clarke Neighbourhood Park South - Municipal Parking Lot off of Laurier Ave., Clarke Neighbourhood Park North - Municipal Parking Lot off of Laurier Ave.

Be aware of the No Parking signs as the Milton By-Law officer enforces parking regulations and will ticket cars. Remember if you choose to drive your child to school, park safely and be prepared to walk a block!

The bus lane at the front of the school can not be used for drop off or pick ups as it is our fire access route and cars will be ticketed. We will be putting pylons at the entrance of the bus lane to deter people from using it. If the pylons are not present, it is still not an option for any reason.